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Mobile-Image : Gixxer 1000
28-12-2008, 02:51 AM
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Mobile-Image : Gixxer 1000
Instead of the usual 4 wheeled beasts we have coming our way, today marked the return of something different for us. It has been a long, long time since we detailed a bike (nealry 2 years in actual fact Hammerhead ) and had fond memories of the previous one....An italian stallion in the form of an Aprillia RSV Mille. Today was the turn of another 'mille' albeit this time one from the land of the rising sun...a GSX-R1000 Drool

Working on bikes is somewhat of a different and often more challenging experience. Whilst the actual size of the canvas is alot smaller than a car, it's all the little details that tend to bog one down and eat up your time. Add to that all the finicky little angles and curvey bits on a bike and it is easy to see why working on a bike is not always quicker than working on one of it's 4 wheeled cousins Bluebiggrin

Anyways enough Blah lets get to the actual detailing bits.

We decided to attack the wheels first (especially the rear) considering these were full of spattered chain lube and looked dreadfull. The whole bike (incl wheels) wound up being cleaned with a 4:1 solution of Meg's APC to cut down the grime and to try and clean up the chain spatter. In the end we needed to revisit the wheels with Sonax tar remover to remove the majority of the chain lube and to try and get them looking decent again.

Once that was done the car was given a quick rinse and dry before proceeding to the paint correction. As far as correction goes the Gixxer's paint proved to be quite hard and needed several passes with varying combo's to effectively knock back all the swirls and the majority of the more serious RIDS and scratches. Worst off seemed to be the tank, both the top as well as the sides where the riders knees would go were badly scratched and marred and needed some aggresive polishing to remove most of the defect. Our weapons of choice today were none other than our new 3M pads (regular and spot pads) along with SIP, 106FA and 3M's Fact Cut Plus compound. At the end of the day we were both impressed with the outcome and wound up the topping the paint with a coat of 4* UPP.

The finer details involved dressing the frame and all plastics/seats, etc with 303 Aerospace protectant and polishing up the exhaust with Sonax metal polish.

Overall another fun detail and learning experience for us that the customer seemed to truly appreciate Clap

Righty on to some pics starting with various befores

Bugs from the previous days burn out to the Vaal
[Image: resized_DSC01176.jpg]

Tar and chain lube galore, this stuff was everywhere Hammerhead
[Image: resized_DSC01178.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01179.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01183.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01185.jpg]

Toasty pipe
[Image: resized_DSC01180.jpg]

Some of the swirling
[Image: resized_DSC01187.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01188.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01189.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01191.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01193.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01194.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01192.jpg]

And some of the other random defects which proved difficult to capture (time for a new camera)
[Image: resized_DSC01190.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01195.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01205.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01206.jpg]

Some comparative shots, left side un-corrected
[Image: resized_DSC01197.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01199.jpg]

And right side corrected
[Image: resized_DSC01198.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01200.jpg]

No in-between pics but a collection of random before and afters

[Image: resized_DSC01193.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01207.jpg]

[Image: resized_DSC01188.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01225.jpg]

[Image: resized_DSC01187.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01228.jpg]

[Image: resized_DSC01182.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01209.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01212.jpg]

[Image: resized_DSC01194.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01208.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01233.jpg]

And finally some afters

[Image: resized_DSC01214.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01219.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01221.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01226.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01229.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01230.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01216.jpg]
[Image: resized_DSC01227.jpg]

Thanks for looking Wavey

David : 083 642 2118

[Image: header2.jpg]

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28-12-2008, 09:44 AM
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RE: Mobile-Image : Gixxer 1000
Nice one guys... Bluebiggrin Must be "refreshing" to have a go on something like a bike now and then. Although a smaller canvas like you said, I can imagine with all the nooks and crannys it's pretty time consuming.

Well done!

Matteo - 2005 Polo 1.9TDi Sportline - Sooty
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28-12-2008, 10:58 AM
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RE: Mobile-Image : Gixxer 1000
very nice man, looks very intricate.

freerider AKA don

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30-12-2008, 10:34 PM
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RE: Mobile-Image : Gixxer 1000
Here are some snaps of the Aprillia we did nearly 2 years ago, what a stunning machine Drool

[Image: Details-097.jpg]
[Image: Details-098.jpg]
[Image: Details-099.jpg]
[Image: Details-100.jpg]
[Image: Details-101.jpg]
[Image: Details-102.jpg]
[Image: Details-103.jpg]
[Image: Details-104.jpg]
[Image: Details-105.jpg]

David : 083 642 2118

[Image: header2.jpg]

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